Zimbabwe: Tourism Sector in Kariba Gets Covid-19 Jab

People in the tourism sector in Kariba have begun receiving their Covid-19 jabs as the town prepares for the recovery of its mainstay industry.

At least 500 people from the tourism industry in Kariba have registered to be inoculated with plans to reach out to those in safaris, camps and lodges outside the town.

Tour operators, hoteliers and other ancillary service providers brought their staff to be vaccinated at Caribbea Bay Resort, in a development expected to insulate local and visitors from the viral disease.

It was a hive of activity as people came in large numbers to be vaccinated.

More than 600 people have so far been vaccinated in Kariba since the programme began in February.

People interviewed at the vaccination centre said it was an important step towards ensuring recovery of the tourism sector.

“We are here to get vaccinated as a way of ensuring the safety of our workers and that of visitors considering that tourism is about domestic and international visitors,” said a local tour operator.

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