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WTTC pushes for greater mental health awareness in hospitality | Article

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has launched a set of mental health guidelines that are designed to support the sector’s recovery period following the Covid-19 crisis.

The mental health guidelines stem from a need to address issues that workers within the sector may face as a result of lockdowns, quarantines, job losses, and uncertainty.

According to research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 95% of people feel poor mental health impacts their performance at work, while 85% say it is difficult to concentrate when struggling with their mental health.

As a result, the WTTC has called upon businesses within the industry to provide access to greater support, leave policies, feedback systems, and opportunities to engage with like-minded hospitality businesses.

Gloria Guevara, president and CEO at the body, said: “The sector employs people from all socio-economic backgrounds regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, almost 50% of whom are women and up to 30% youths. 

“After nearly a full year of insecurity and hardship that has come from the Covid-19 pandemic, the time could not be more appropriate to invest in the mental well-being of this sector.”

She added: “Furthermore, throughout its very nature, the travel and tourism sector is one that brings joy to people of all walks of life, therefore it makes perfect sense for the sector to reflect these values within the workplace as well.”

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