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Will Train Travel Be More Popular Post-COVID-19? – News

Traveling by train is a good option for those who are concerned about flying. After all, Amtrak offers comfortable and roomy seats, wide windows with great views, and plenty of space for carry-on baggage, even in the coach classes. Thus it is possible that traveling via Amtrak for leisure could become more popular. In this article, Ed Perkins highlights a few scenic train routes that families may enjoy, including (but not limited to):

  • The Adirondack which operates between New York and Montreal;
  • The Coast Starlight which operates between Los Angeles and Seattle; and
  • The California Zephyr which runs between Chicago and Emeryville via Denver, Salt Lake City and Omaha, Nebraska.

Perkins points out that for longer, multi-day trips, families may consider getting a private room in a Sleeper car. A Family Bedroom accommodates two adults plus two children in lie-flat beds, and includes access to a restroom and shower in the car. Another option is a Bedroom Suite which fits up to four adults in lie-flat beds and offering a private restroom and shower in the bedroom.  

Read the source article to learn more about ticket prices, discounts, and best times to travel.

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