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What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Biden Administration – Blogs

Today’s the day. Joe Biden will soon be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, with a promise to “Build Back Better” from the unprecedented public health and economic crises facing the nation at the close of President Donald Trump’s time in office.

If you’re looking for links to reading about what a Biden presidency might accomplish, look no further. In addition to the latest round of news coverage of the transition, culminating today with Biden’s inauguration, you’ll also find links below to previous news and analysis from throughout the 2020 presidential election as well as the intervening months between Biden’s historic election and today’s Inauguration Day.

Biden comes into office with big plans for the federal government’s coronavirus response, housing policies, infrastructure planning and spending, economic development. In fact, many of the most closely watched themes for the success of the Biden administration of living up to its campaign promises will be measured in terms of direct relevance to the professional and academic planners of the world—metrics like housing affordability, carbon emissions, vehicle miles traveled. Planetizen will be just as vigilant on the proposals and advancement of policies relating to these causes during the Biden Administration as it was for the previous administration.

The Biden administration is also significant for the historic accomplishment of Vice President Kamala Harris, who becomes the highest-ranking elected female in the history of the federal government, and only the second BIPOC to be elected to the Executive Branch, after former President Barack Obama. Harris becomes Vice President at a time of intense racial conflict, at least some of which can be traced to the backlash from the election of President Obama in 2008.

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