West Africa: ECOWAS May Stop Flights

-Senator Snowe warns, as Liberia’s covid-19 surges

The Economic Community of the West African States or ECOWAS may ban flights coming from Liberia in the wake of a serious surge of the coronavirus in the country, Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe warns in Monrovia.

The Bomi County Senator, who chairs the ECOWAS Parliamentary committee on political affairs, says the regional body is worried that Liberia has the highest number of infected persons in the region.

“ECOWAS is considering that if you cannot vaccinate your people, they will not travel. Sooner or later, they will ban flights coming from Liberia”, Senator disclosed Monday, June 20, 2021, on OK Conversation a live talk show hosted by OK FM 99.5.

He notes that Liberia lacks almost everything to fight the pandemic, including oxygen, vaccinators, and beds. “You cannot fight Covid without oxygen, this is very serious and we need to fight it”, he emphasizes.

Recent statistics from the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) revealed there are 2,729 cases of COVID -19 in the country 2,105 recoveries with scores of people in intensive care unit and nearly 100 deaths.

Liberia’s deputy minister of health and chief medical officer Doctor Francis Kateh recently confirmed that the new variant of the virus is causing serious effects and requires the effort of everyone in the fight.

He said unlike the outbreak in March 2020, the new variant is very dangerous with severe impacts on victims.