Virgin Will Require All Passengers to Be Vaccinated

Virgin Voyages is hoping to begin offering cruises this July and will require that all guests onboard their cruise ships be vaccinated.

Virgin’s CEO Tom McAlpin went on Good Morning America and said the new adults only cruise line will require all passengers and crew members to vaccinated for COVID-19. He said it was an important criteria to create a safe environment on their cruise ships.

The cruise line has also invested in a new technology called Atmos-Air. It’s an air purification system that uses bipolar ionization to proactively go out and kill all of the bacteria and viruses that are in the air. It’s the same type of system used in hospitals.

All passengers will be tested before they board the cruise ship and testing will be available for anyone who develops systems of COVID-19 during the cruise. McAlpin also said that they will also test passengers when they leave the vessel.

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He said that since Virgin is an adults only cruise line, it only makes sense for them to require passengers to be vaccinated.

We went on to say that safety and security is really important and that a combination of all of their new protocols creates the safest possible way to travel.

The odds of an outbreak are low McAlpin said due to the testing and vaccination requirements.

Virgin is still waiting for the green light from the CDC so they can finally begin offering cruises on their first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, that has been ready to sail for a year.

Scarlet Lady will sail from the Cruise Capital of the World, PortMiami, and offer four to five night cruises to the Caribbean and Bahamas.

Every sailing will stop at the cruise line’s private port in the Bahamas, Bimini Beach Club.

All cruises will include the following in cruise fares:

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