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UKH warns quarantine rules could affect tourism long-term | Article

UK Hospitality has responded to the new government hotel quarantine initiative by cautioning of the long-term impact on the UK’s relationship with international visitors.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality reiterated that driving down cases and taking steps to eliminate new strains of the virus through enforcement of new and existing quarantine rules “will help” the pace of which restrictions are eased.

She claimed that in the long run it will assist with the prime minister’s exit strategy and will “hopefully lead” to the reopening of hospitality sooner rather than later.

Nicholls said: “It’s just as important, in the long term, that when travel resumes, the UK continues to have a strong reputation internationally as a safe destination and point of arrival to avoid acting as a longer-term deterrent to international visitors.

“Hospitality has shown its willingness to help wherever it can throughout this crisis, whether that be offering venues as vaccination centres or rerouting food to key workers. Once again, we are happy to play a full part in the national effort to help address this crisis. We have the capacity to help and businesses already have plans in place to ensure their venues are safe.”

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