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Trevor Noah: ‘QAnon is not just extreme, it’s delusional’ | Culture

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show

Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene aka Osama bin Karen aka Jewish Space Lasers

February 2, 2021

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah discussed Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican who was recently voted in as the representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. Her unhinged beliefs have recently been unearthed but Noah said it’s not unusual for Republicans to believe in strange things. “I mean Ted Cruz believes that beard is working for him,” he said.

Greene follows many of the beliefs of extremist conspiracy theory QAnon. “QAnon is not just extreme, it’s delusional,” he said. “How are you gonna be in the government and believe that the government is full of Satan-worshipping sex predators?”

But while Republicans are now calling her out, Noah asks: “How did Osama bin Karen get elected to Congress in the first place?”

She kept some of her more extreme beliefs quiet while running. “Mostly what voters knew about her was that she was a hardcore Trump supporter,” he said, before showing a video of her promoting guns and her love of CrossFit.

“The scarier cult she’s involved in is CrossFit,” he said. “That’s just Scientology with jumping jacks.”

He continued: “She also has a little extra something that makes the far-right love her even more: it’s racism.”

Aside from blatant Islamophobia, Greene also blamed Californian wildfires on Jewish space lasers. “Is this lady just playing conspiracy theory slot machine and just going with whatever comes up?”

Noah said if Jewish space lasers did exist then this would be a wasteful use. “It’s like using the Death Star to make smores,” he joked.

Videos were also re-aired showing Greene calling for blood to be shed in order to regain control of the Capitol. “Calls for a violent revolution just don’t have the same weight when you’re streaming it from your hotel room,” he said.

But since joining the government officially, Greene has instead filed articles of impeachment against Biden. “I guess Congress will turn anyone into a moderate,” he said.

Seth Meyers

On Late Night, Seth Meyers spoke about the 10 Republican senators, including Susan Collins, who wanted to meet with Biden about the coronavirus relief deal. “I’m not sure if I trust anybody who’s requesting in-person meetings on how to handle coronavirus,” he noted.

Meyers joked that the compromise would end up being: “You’re getting a stimulus check but you have to buy a gun with it.”

Over the weekend, five of Trump’s attorneys quit. “At this rate, Trump’s gonna be the first president to show up to his impeachment trial with a public defender,” Meyers said.

He also spoke about Greene’s Jewish space laser comment. “Either she’s insane or she couldn’t think of the word for lightning,” he quipped.

From March, weddings in New York will be allowed to have up to 150 people in attendance. “So now you catch the bouquet and two variants,” Meyers said.

Stephen Colbert

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about the severe snowstorm that’s led many people on the east coast stuck at home. “Millions of people are trapped in their houses but for a different reason,” he said.

Colbert also spoke about the Republicans trying to cut the proposed $1.9tn Covid relief package to just $600bn. “That’s not meeting you halfway that’s not even meeting you thirdway!” he said.

He also mentioned Trump’s lawyers abandoning him. “There was something lawyers wouldn’t do for money,” he said. “That is rats fleeing a sinking rat.”

Trump then “cruised some dark alleys of the legal world” to find two new attorneys, one of whom considered defending Jeffrey Epstein. “Who on earth would hire Jeffrey Epstein’s defence lawyer?” he asked. “Oh Jeffrey Epstein’s wingman, that’s right”

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