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Trevor Noah on world leaders praising Biden: ‘The bar is incredibly low’ | Late-night TV roundup

Trevor Noah

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah discussed Joe Biden’s trip to G7 and how he aims to repair international relationships in a new segment called Grandpa’s Day Out.

Biden met American’s “oldest and palest ally” Great Britain, including meeting Boris Johnson. Biden reportedly brought him a custom-made bike while Johnson gave him a framed picture of Frederick Douglass printed out from Wikipedia.

“That is a huge disparity in gift-giving,” Noah noted. “Biden comes in with a $6,000 personalised bike and Boris shows up with a photo of a guy Biden went to high school with?”

Noah thinks Biden shouldn’t take it personally, given how Johnson is mostly dishevelled. He also met the Queen, who was filmed cutting a cake with a sword, something she decided to do because it was unusual. “She’ll do anything to shake things up,” he said. “I feel for the Queen. She’s 95 years old and she’s starting to realise that they’re not going to let her behead anyone ever again.”

At G7, world leaders were quick to praise Biden while refusing to say Trump’s name; Noah thinks they remain traumatised. “The bar is incredibly low. People are like, ‘Biden is so much better’ but having anyone is so much better. America could have sent over a dog in glasses.”

Noah spoke about an interview with Vladimir Putin on US TV where he was asked about being called a killer by Biden. and gave an evasive reply while chuckling.

“Only killers laugh at ‘Are you a killer?’” Noah joked.

Stephen Colbert

On his big return to the studio with a full vaccinated audience, Stephen Colbert asked those watching who haven’t yet got the vaccine: “What are you waiting for?”

He talked about Taco Bell offering Californians a free seasoned beef nacho cheese Doritos locos taco, which he said was “perfect for anyone who wants to get vaccinated but still doesn’t value human life”.

Colbert also spoke about Biden visiting the UK, a trip that Johnson was excited about, calling him a breath of fresh air. “You know the last guy was pretty bad when a 78-year-old is described as a breath of fresh air,” Colbert noted.

During the Putin interview, he was also asked about Donald Trump, someone he still praises as extraordinarily talented and colourful. Colbert joked that “scientists are still trying to decide what colour that is”.

Seth Meyers

On Late Night, Seth Meyers discussed Biden’s appearance at the G7 where he hopes to put global relations back on track after four years of “erratic leadership”.

“If I were a foreign leader, I would take this with a grain of salt,” Meyers said. “I mean, yes, Biden is president now but America definitely has a split personality. If Dr Jekyll said ‘I’m back’, it would be fair to ask if he threw away the serum that turned him into Mr Hyde.”

While the summit has been a success in comparison with Trump’s disastrous appearance, there were still awkward moments such as a distanced group picture. Meyers commented that “they looked like Street Fighter characters no one wanted to pick”.

Last weekend saw the former press secretary, and proven liar, Kayleigh McEnany claim that she never lied throughout her time at the White House. “Wow, it’s impressive to lie about lying,” he said. “It’s like stabbing a witness during your murder trial.”

Meyers went on to say that the Republican party remains “deeply committed to both the ideology and the cult that is Trumpism”, with the president continually mentioned and heralded by those who still hold leading positions.

This week, news came out that Trump’s justice department spied on senior House Democrats while he was being investigated yet Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions claim to have no knowledge of this. “Barr can say what he wants but we have no reason to believe him given that he’s a proven liar,” he said.

Meyers said that the party not only have no problems with the abuses of power of Trump’s tenure but they have “made it clear that if they make it back to power, they’ll repeat it”.

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