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Tips for Flying with a Baby or Toddler

Tips for Flying with a Baby or Toddler

Flying can be an anxious enough time flying by yourself, but with a baby or toddler in tow, there will be more still to think about. Perhaps that a younger child has the potential to disturb all the other passengers. This could be solved by considering chartering your own private jet. For example, from a company such as Jettly. It would afford you and your youngest loved ones more privacy. So, to consider a private jet will be our first tip for flying with a baby or toddler.

Private Jets

The privacy associated with private jet travel fits perfectly with the idea of having someone very young accompanying you. That is, a baby or toddler who does not yet necessarily know yet, or understand, how to behave in front of lots of unfamiliar people. Particularly in a new and strange situation. With private jet chartering, you can have the jet filled with only yourself and your family, and not be surrounded by lots of other passengers all getting annoyed by a potentially screaming or upset baby or infant who they have no interest in. Who knows how they might react in a new and imposing environment such as an airport, where there are large crowds, people walking around in strange uniforms, and noisy planes taking off with annoying frequency? Private jets offer your own private terminal to board the plane and then a less imposing situation for a young child once on the plane.

Comforters and Distractions

Remember to take a range of comforters for your child. Such as dummies or a favourite soft toy. That is, rather than relying solely on an unfamiliar soft toy that you might have bought at the airport shop. Wisely dress your young ones in the most comfortable clothing that you have for them. Take a change of clothes for inside the plane, too. Distract them if you feel that they are getting upset. There are medications available that can also help youngsters with flying. It is sensible to protect a baby or toddler’s ears when flying. Do not worry too much what others are thinking, just be concerned with satisfying your own child’s needs and the rest should take care of itself.


There are various companies online that will hire out baby equipment. It makes sense rather than buying something that will only be used for a short period of time during a flight procedure or while on holiday. In terms of the type of equipment that you are allowed without incurring an extra charge, you are generally able to take a foldable baby stroller. It will be normally be carried within the hold of an aircraft. This stroller can be taken right up to the aircraft’s steps, where it will then be dealt with by a flight attendant. This is going to save carrying a younger child for too far a distance. With private jets, the walk to the plane will be to the private terminal and it will be easier for a toddler not having to walk among large crowds.

So, some ways to keep your baby or toddler happy in flight. It will be something new for them to experience, and first impressions are the longer lasting ones. It makes sense to consider private jets as a more private and secure way for your young ones to travel. Having to think of someone else, too, does present different challenges to something that should be enjoyable, as it is a part of any holiday. You and your loved ones would certainly be taken care of and spoiled on a private jet.

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