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Tiny Homes Village Plans Big Expansion in Austin – News

Austin-based nonprofit group Mobile Loaves and Fishes recently announced plans to quadruple the size of the Community First Village, a tiny home village opened in 2015.

Community First Village “offers supportive housing in the form of mobile homes, tiny houses, gardens, community space, and services for people who have been unhoused on an ongoing basis,” explains Cindy Widner in an article for Urbanize Austin (additional local news coverage is available for those paying for a subscription to the Austin American-Statesman).

Mobile Loaves and Fishes has acquired an additional 127 acres of land to expand the previously 27-acre site located a few miles east of downtown Austin. “The addition will allow it to expand its original site as well as creating a new village in Southeast Austin. CF plans to add 1,400 homes on the two sites at an expected cost of $119 million. MLF plans to launch a fundraising campaign for the expansion this fall,” reports Widner.

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