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The Connecticut Zoning Atlas Illustrates a Proclivity for Single-Family Zoning – News

Desegregate Connecticut has released a new Connecticut Zoning Atlas in collaboration with the Connecticut Data Collaborative and with the participation of 63 municipal planners across the state. First and foremost, the Atlas illustrates a lack of zoning for multi-family housing across the state.

“We think it shows how outdated zoning laws make it hard to build diverse, affordable housing,” reads the introductory text of the Atlas.

An article by Michael Hamad offers insight into the findings and methodology of the new Atlas.

“Among the key findings of the map is the glaring absence of land where family housing of four or more units can be developed without a public hearing — only 2.0% of all land in Connecticut, compared with 90.6% zoned for single-family housing,” writes Hamad. “Two-family housing can be developed without a public hearing on 28.1% of Connecticut land, while three-family housing is allowable on only 2.3%.”

Desegregate Connecticut was founded in the summer of 2020, spearheaded by Sara Bronin, former chair of the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission, a source of frequent news and commentary on Planetizen.

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