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Tech deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Tech gadgets are one of the most popular products to shop for on Prime Day, and that means the two-day event often focuses many of the best discounts on these items. Whether you’re looking for smart home tech or solar-powered gadgets, there’s something for everyone. Here are the top deals on tech products for Prime Day 2021.

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The Prime Day deals on Kindle e-readers are a hit every year. While we do love the feel and smell of a paper book, it does feel good to save some trees by reading on a Kindle sometimes. Plus, the small size makes it a breeze to pack up for travel or to take by the pool.

Shop Kindle deals on Amazon

Solar-powered security camera

Adding security cameras on your home doesn’t have to be a drain on your electricity. This handy security camera relies on solar power to operate, so you can really enjoy a peace of mind.

Solar-Powered Security Camera – Buy Now on Amazon

Solar-powered outdoor lights

You’ll find plenty of solar-powered outdoor lights on sale this Prime Day. We love this option, which features lights that are easily installed into a lawn, garden, plant pot or gravel. The waterproof lights have a flame-like appearance that adds a special ambiance to your outdoor spaces.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights – Buy Now on Amazon

Portable phone charger

Portable phone chargers are handy for on-the-go adventures. Many require plugging into a USB or outlet to charge, but this option just needs some sunshine. Then, it’s ready to power your small electronic devices, even during camping or hiking trips.

Portable Charger – Buy Now

Solar generator

A generator is handy to have on hand in case of emergencies, but it can also help you operate off the grid while traveling, say for a hiking trip or day at the beach. This lightweight generator fits into a backpack and is charged with solar energy (solar panel not included), and it’s discounted for Prime Day.

Solar Generator – Buy Now

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