Tanzania: NCAA Drafts Bright Roadmap for Ngorongoro

Arusha — Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) is lining up a number of strategies to realize a sharp increase in income.

Senior officials with NCAA confirmed yesterday at Olduvai Gorge that plans are afoot to attract investors and have more tourists stay longer in the area.

NCAA Head of Planning and Investment, Senior Assistant Commissioner Needpeace Wambuya said yesterday the Authority has identified several strategic areas and invite domestic and foreign investors to tap the opportunity.

If both meet the required requirements, locals will be prioritized. Private sector has highly been welcomed to invest in the world renowned crater and unbroken caldera.

Public institutions are also invited to boost investment. Already frameworks have been designed under the General Management Plan (GMP) but with strict caution on environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

Commissioner Wambuya said that return for investment in NCA is assured given the international status of the geopark.

Areas to be invested in include hotels and lodges; semi-permanent camps, seasonal camps, mobile camps and picnic sites.

Specific geographical areas for investment include Alkarian Gorge, Lemuta Hills, Olgoo Mountains and Kakesio.

“If all these are well addressed and opportunities tapped, it means more persons will invest, leading to many tourists coming, staying longer within Ngorongoro and earn individuals and government substantial income,” said Mr Wambuya.