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Streetcar Connection to the Beltline Could Benefit From Federal Funding – News

Josh Green reports that the Board of Directors for MARTA recently voted to authorize $500,000 to study the feasibility of extending the Atlanta Streetcar system into the BeltLine corridor.

According to Green the feasibility study will “improve the chance of federal cash helping to foot the bill for light-rail transit along the Atlanta BeltLine.” MARTA received $284 million in the latest round of COVID-19 rescue funds. In all, MARTA has received $331 million in federal aid during the pandemic.

“Exactly how MARTA will spend its share remains to be seen. But don’t expect zippy new rail lines to The Battery Atlanta or Stonecrest to break ground this year on the fed’s dime,” writes Green.

The latest feasibility study is meant to build on that momentum and prepare for more. “MARTA officials call the analysis crucial for requesting federal funding to extend the Atlanta Streetcar system into the BeltLine corridor, determining how to mesh light rail with existing MARTA lines around the city, and addressing connectivity ‘gaps’ they’ve identified in a previous study.”

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