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State Legislation Would Make Louisiana a ‘Fossil Fuel Sanctuary State’ – News

A bill recently introduced in the Louisiana House of Representatives “would establish Louisiana as a ‘fossil fuel sanctuary state’ and ban local and state employees from enforcing federal laws and regulations that negatively impact petrochemical companies,” reports Sara Sneath.

Republican State Representative Danny McCormick introduced the bill despite representing residents in his district breathing “some of the most toxic air in the country,” explains Sneath in the article’s lede. “Oil refineries owned by UOP and Calumet contribute to the town’s toxic emissions, according to the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory.”

The bill is unlikely to move forward, according to Sneath, but it’s one among many current attempts by the State Legislature to deregulate the oil and gas industry.

“Lawmakers say that deregulation is necessary to preserve tax revenues generated by oil and gas companies and to stop further job losses. A separate bill introduced by McCormick would redefine gas pipelines from modes of transportation to facilities, in order to prevent Louisiana state police from fining pipeline companies for failing to immediately report gas leaks.”

As pointed out by Sneath, further deregulation of oil and gas companies in Louisiana would have a disparate impacts on Black residents of the state.

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