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Special Dining Event @ Oriental Group of Restaurants: From MACAU TO KL!

Every year, the Oriental Group of Restaurants holds an international guest chefs event as a collaboration of culinary expertise across borders.  By combining the skills and talents of these chefs, diners get to enjoy a wealth of refreshing flavours during the special dinners hosted in the Oriental restaurants.

This year’s Grand Chefs event features award-winning Masterchefs Yap Poh Weng and Chung Kuy Fai from Macau.  These special dinners, curated by both the chefs will take place over 9 exclusive evenings in the Group’s selected outlets from 22 August to 8 September 2020.

Grand Dinner at RUYI on 22 Aug 2020

Both chefs are actually Malaysian-born and have carved out outstanding culinary careers in various countries.  Chef Yap’s 30-year career in 5-star hotels and restaurants in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Macau puts him in good stead as a Masterchef.  Similarly, Ipoh-born Chef Chung’s more than 30 years’ experience spanning across the globe from Japan to the US to China speaks volumes of his expertise.

Left to right: Chef James Ho from Ruyi, Chef Yap Poh Weng, Chef Chung Kuy Fai

We were impressed with the eclectic menu curated by the chefs using unique superfood ingredients that promote health and nourishment in fine Chinese cuisine.  Health-promoting ingredients such as flaxseeds, black garlic, red dates and various Chinese herbs are used in the dishes, including unusual ones like Roxburgh Anoectochilus (“kam sin lin” in Cantonese, a herbaceous bloom known for its healing properties).  Traditional Chinese cooking methods like double-boiling, steaming and braising are used to maximise the tastes and harness the goodness of the ingredients.

Here’s a look at the special dishes – delightfully tasty and well-executed creations in a collaboration curated by Chef Yap and Chef Chung…

Signature Appetizers Combination:

Suzhou Style Crispy Eel

Pickled Radish in Traditional Shanghai Vinaigrette & Organic Cherry Tomatoes & Sour Plums

Crabmeat Tartare with Pineapple, Mango, Pomelo & Spicy Dressing & Caviar

BBQ Flaxseed Crispy Chicken

Japanese Scallop with Sesame Dressing & Organic Baby Spinach Roll topped with Caviar. Love the sweet clean tastes of these!

Double-boiled Roxburgh Anoectochilus & Black Garlic with Fresh Fish Maw Soup. Couldn’t have enough of this refreshingly sweet soup with a delicate touch of umami-ness from the fish maw.

Poached Lobster with Chef’s Special Sauce. This basic simple method of cooking showcases the sweetness of the lobster perfectly, with a slight lingering herbal accent in the smooth bouncy texture.

Steamed Ocean Garoupa & Guangxi-style Stuffed Japanese Beancurd Puff, Luffa Melon with Supreme Soya Sauce. The only way to serve a fresh fish; the tofu balls and luffa melon are perfect, having absorbed the sweetness from the fish and soya sauce.

Crispy Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Hot & Sour Sauce. A very unique execution of sea cucumber (usually braised) – this preparation yields a succulent chewy mouthfeel that’s very refreshing!

Braised Noodles with Sharksfin & Chicken Crackling

Double-boiled Snow Lotus, Lotus Seeds, Pearl Seaweed & Osmanthus Sweet Soup

Blackthorn Durian Glutinous Dumpling & Shanxi Red Dates Sweet Cake. The dumplings are really excellent, slippery silky skin and bursting with the amazing blackthorn durian!

Price: RM2,288++ per table of 8 pax / RM288++ per pax (min. 2 pax)

To experience this fine blend of healthy and wholesome Chinese cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, check out the dates and venues below:

25 & 29 Aug 2020: NOBLE BANQUET (+603-2145-8822)

26 Aug & 4 Sept 2020: ORIENTAL PAVILION (+603-7956-9288)

27 Aug 2020: THE HAN ROOM (+603-2284-8833)

28 Aug & 8 Sept 2020: NOBLE MANSION (+603-7932-3288)

3 Sept 2020: ORIENTAL STAR (+603-9134-8488)

5 Sept 2020: ORIENTAL TREASURE (+603-2242-2382)

The Oriental Group practises all the necessary mandated health & safety SOPs like temperature checks, sanitisation and physical distancing in their premises.

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