Seychelles: President of Seychelles Announces Government Restructuring Plans After 99 Days in Office

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) will fall under marketing and promotion in the tourism ministry in the first phase of government reforms announced by President Wavel Ramkalawan on Monday.

“The new Department of Tourism will be overseen by a Principal Secretary. The board of STB will be replaced by an advisory council providing advice to the ministry,” said Ramkalawan in an address marking 99 days since he became president.

“During these times we have had the opportunity to look at the different structure of institutions in the country. This include in the public administration as well as all the different agencies and other organisations,” said Ramkalawan.

“As you will recall, I did mentioned about some changes that will need to take place during my SONA and today’s announcements is a reflection of what the government has already decided based on competences, impartiality and efficiency,” he added.

Two other agencies which will fall under the parent ministry are the Seychelles Agricultural Agency and National Biosecurity Agency which will be merged within the Department of Agriculture as two divisions. However, to ensure the border control function, the post of chief biosecurity officer will be created.

The National Botanical Gardens Foundation and Seychelles National Parks Authority will also be merged into a new entity: the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority, and a commercial board will be created.

In the new reforms all posts of special advisors will be abolished and some boards overseeing some institutions will be phased out completely or restructured.