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Saudi launches defamation campaign against Muslim Brotherhood – Middle East Monitor

The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance has launched a new defamation campaign in cooperation with Education Ministry targeting the Muslim Brotherhood, the New Khaleej reported on Monday.

According to local media, the campaign “highlights the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood to religion and the country, targeting the social fabric and destabilising security.”

The campaign consists of lectures and public speeches through electronic media with the goal of reaching about five million students.

Saudi media reported Deputy Minister of Islamic Affairs, Awwad Al-Anzi, saying that the kingdom is working to protect society from stray ideologies.

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The campaign, which is being supervised by Minister Abdul-Latif al-Sheikh, is set to last for a month in cooperation with the Education Ministry and the State Security Department.

Last year, the Saudi Committee of Senior Religious Scholars described the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist” group that “does not represent the true Islam, but uses religion to spread its ideology.”

In March 2014, Saudi Arabia blacklisted the Muslim Brotherhood, which does not have a real organisational body within the kingdom.

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