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Russia, NATO forces participate in Pakistan-hosted military drill – Middle East Monitor

Pakistan is hosting naval forces from 45 countries, including those from Russia and NATO, for the week-long Aman-2021 maritime exercise in the Arabian Sea.

The Pakistan Navy said the naval exercise, held under the slogan “Together for Peace”, will run until 16 February.

It added that the drill is aimed at “fostering international cooperation to fight piracy, terrorism, and other crimes,” according to Anadolu Agency.

With 45 countries contributing their naval forces to the drill, it opens up opportunities for the enhancement of bilateral relations between many countries, the Pakistan Navy said.

Russia will join the military drill with NATO members for the first time in a decade, a development considered significant. The last time Russian and NATO naval forces took part in a joint exercise was at the Bold Monarch 2011 off the coast of Spain.

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