Rental Car Rundown – Rent, Ride or Share

We often get asked, ‘when is the best time to rent a car when travelling, compared to utilising Uber type services, taxis, car share or public transport?’ The answer is, it depends.

Things like cost, convenience, time, where you’re travelling to, how many trips you need to make, how much luggage you have, how many people are with you and what type of trip it is, all need to be taken into account.

For holiday travel with family, nothing beats renting for convenience, cost and freedom. Choose a vehicle with enough space for your luggage by checking the Thrifty website which details the capacity of each vehicle, and if you need it- request a baby or booster seat instead of waiting hours for ride services that have this fitted.

Nervous about finding your way? Book a GPS unit which will guide you safely through city freeways as well as remote and regional areas. Don’t forget that all Auto Club members (RACQ, RACV, AANT, RAC, RAA, NRMA and RACT) get 15% off our best daily rate, discounted protection and a free additional driver.

For business travel there is even more to consider, and the key consideration here is location.

Travelling to Sydney for work 

If you’re flying into Sydney for work and staying in the CBD, utilising the train service from Sydney airport to the CBD is the quickest and cheapest option. Sydney is a walkable city, and with the new Tram service running from Town Hall to Circular Quay, getting around is easy!

However, parking in Sydney is difficult and expensive, so jump in a taxi or UBER for short jaunts outside the CBD. When it comes to travelling further afield in Sydney, there’s more thought required. Although key hubs in Sydney are relatively well-serviced by public transport, distance from public transport, wait times for ride services and costs can make this a time consuming and expensive option.

If you need to make multiple stops or visits, a rental is more convenient and cost effective- even factoring in parking costs. However, just make sure to order a GPS.  Sydney roads are undergoing a major upheaval at the moment and these units have been programmed with the latest maps, so there are no nasty surprises.

Car share is available in Sydney, however it tends to be centred within the inner city. All Sydney car share operators are point to point, so you will need to return your vehicle to the location you collected it from. Costs vary and operators generally require you to sign up for a plan, which you can find information on their websites.

Thrifty has numerous corporate clients and can offer great account deals- not to mention, our small business packages  give you 12% off every rental combined with a host of hotel discounts.

For more details, head to our website – happy travelling!

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