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Reducing Car Trips in L.A.: Transportation Demand Management Ordinance Could Be Expanded – News

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning has proposed an ordinance that “would effectuate changes to the city’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program, which attempts to reduce the number of new car trips generated by large developments.” As reported by Steven Sharp for Urbanize Los Angeles, the program would “would expand the TDM program’s application to most multi-family residential developments with 16 or more residential units” and require developers to “choose from a menu of pre-approved TDM strategies which include including incentives for transit use, cycling, carpooling, and car sharing.” The plan promotes “alternate modes of transportation, including cycling and transit, as well as steps to redistribute trips outside of peak hours.”

According to Los Angeles Planning Director Vince Bertoni, “This program puts people first. It recognizes Angelenos’ diverse transportation needs, invests in walkable, bike-friendly, transit-rich communities, and incentivizes the creation of walkable activity centers.” Transportation Demand Management (TDM) defines a broad set of strategies and incentives designed to push developers to reduce or redistribute travel demand, reduce congestion, and promote walking, biking, and public transit as viable transportation options. 

“[T]he Planning Department and LADOT are holding virtual workshops and public hearings prior to consideration by the City Planning Commission and City Council.”

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