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Private Sector Coalition Urges California to Invest in Affordable Housing – News

A coalition of California housing advocates, state lawmakers, and foundations backed by big tech companies has released a plan that calls for increased funding and development to stem the housing crisis crippling many Californians, a crisis that many argue tech companies have exacerbated. Louis Hansen reports on the plan for the Mercury News, citing key goals of “bringing more housing to minority communities, increased public funding, and added protections against discrimination.”

Calling itself the California Housing Partnership, the group represents a major effort by private sector actors including developers and tech entrepreneurs to dictate housing policy and compel state leaders to address chronic homelessness, inequality, and housing shortages. “State lawmakers have seen several bold reform efforts flame out in Sacramento in recent years, including an overhaul of local zoning policies known as SB 50 and a slate of priority housing measures that failed to cross the finish line in last year’s pandemic-shortened session.” The Roadmap Home 2030 plan, which is also backed by chairmen of state legislative housing committees, San Francisco Democrats Sen. Scott Wiener, and Assemblymember David Chiu, calls for $10 billion in bonds for affordable housing, an expansion of the Project Homekey program, housing and supportive services for low-income Californians, and a permanent low-income housing tax credit.

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