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Pop Quiz: What Kind of Post-2020 City-Maker Are You? – News

With so many tough lessons learned (fingers crossed!) in 2020, State of Place offers the quiz as an opportunity to take stock of how the world is changing—and how the roles of planners and designers are changing in response.

“So the question is, who will you be as a Citymaker in 2021 and beyond? What approaches or tools will you adopt? What new challenges will you face head on? What will be your role in creating a new narrative around what is – and should be – normal?”

The quiz is intended to be both fun and informative, with a focus on placemaking, technology, and equity. The author of this post took the quiz and the results were that I am a “Whole is Bigger than the Sum of its Parts” planner.

Disclosure: the quiz requires an email to receive results. State of Place already had my email.

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