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Paradise Was Prepared for the Camp Fire, Report Says. It wasn’t Enough. – News

Dale Kasler and Ryan Sabalow shares news of the findings of a report published on Monday by the federal government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology in cooperation with Cal Fire that presents “arguably the most exhaustive look at the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.”

“The report paints a sobering picture for every forested community in California and for PG&E Corp., with its thousands of miles of power lines and transformers, as they work to clear trees, build defenses and adequately prepare for the next round of wildfires,” according to Kasler and Sabalow. Paradise had already taken numerous steps to limit the damage of a potential wildfire prior to the Camp Fire. “The Butte County town had an evacuation plan and emergency-notification systems. Paradise, neighboring communities and the county had undertaken ‘vegetation management’ programs to reduce wildfire hazards.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is planning on releasing a follow up report to address evacuation preparedness and other emergency-related issues. Meanwhile, PG&E, the investor owned utility that owns the transmission tower that caused the fire, unveiled its 2021 wildfire-safety plan on Friday of last week, “but acknowledged that fire risks remain high even as it accelerates efforts to eliminate hazardous trees and replace vulnerable power equipment,” according to the article.

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