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As more fashion labels began producing homeware, the highly commercial, high-end fashion behemoths among them launched their homeware collections at regular intervals. By contrast, today smaller labels bring out homeware lines more spontaneously, and in a more personal way. These are often craft-based, helping to preserve age-old skills threatened with extinction in the process, and using specialist manufacturing methods.

Colville, the Milan-based fashion label co-founded in 2018 by Lucinda Chambers, a former fashion director at British Vogue, Molly Molloy and Kristin Forss, recently launched its first homeware line. Working now as a duo, Molloy and Chambers design clothes that express their shared love of exuberant pattern and colour, also found in Colville’s homeware. The company takes a firmly collaborative and sustainable approach. It often works alongside skilled artisans, and bills itself as “anti-fast fashion”, producing clothing, and by extension homeware, designed to have a lasting appeal.

The homeware includes multicoloured, ultra-shaggy, yeti-on-acid rugs made with organic vegetable dyes by weavers in Turkey and jute floor mats in zingy shades created by women in Bangladesh, who learn traditional crafts. It also features wool blankets with super-sized polka dots made at an Italian mill using an ancient skill once practised by Cistercian monks.

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