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One to watch: Loski | Rap

South London rapper Loski was born into music: his father, Ty Nizzy, is one of the originators of “road rap” – the UK’s own version of US gangsta rap – and was a member of the Brixton rap collective PDC. Inspired by his dad, at one point Loski even started rapping under the name Lil’ Nizzy. But while Ty hung up the mic many years ago, his son has taken it to greater heights as one of UK drill’s most respected exponents.

Introduced as a member of Kennington crew Harlem Spartans, Loski stood out, with his boyish tone and confident flow earning him a solid fanbase, but the path to success has not been easy. He went to prison for possession of a firearm in 2019, which he claims he was forced to carry because of threats made against him and his mother. The experience of incarceration is a topic he explores in the lyrics and visuals for the song Allegedly, released shortly after he finished his sentence in 2020.

Tracks such as 2016’s Hazards and DJ Khaled are still among Loski’s finest work, with major-label cuts Cool Kid and Calm Down not too far behind. His new album, 2020’s A Drill Story: Music, Trial & Trauma, is a mix of that independent grit and mainstream sheen. Lyrically balancing urban life with superstardom, Loski is just as comfortable performing with Tottenham drillers OFB as he is with Afrobeats superstar Davido, making his future look brighter than most.

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