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Now Recruiting – Editorial Assistants

<br /> Now Recruiting – Editorial Assistants

E-International Relations is looking for students, at any level, to join us as Editorial Assistants. The key part of the role will be to find high quality International Relations resources online, such as podcasts, videos and other open sources (open access / OER) that we can use to compile for our readers in a new section of the website. So, if you are someone who is well versed in the higher quality fruits of the internet and feels excited to work with a team of others doing the same, please do get in touch. The project itself will last approximately 3 months and is built for flexible contributions based around the free time you have between other activities, such as exams and heavy assessment periods. But, if applying, you should have at least 5 hours to spare each week from 1 June onwards.

Volunteering with E-International Relations is not your typical ‘work experience’. First, we coordinate our activities remotely using Slack. So, you do not need to physically attend a place of work to volunteer with us. Second, we have no paid staff, we are all volunteers. We volunteer some of our spare time because we want to have a hand in maintaining the best online resource for students and scholars of international politics. Finally, we empower our editors to learn skills, manage their own time and develop their own projects. The result is that the more volunteers give of themselves, the more they take away from the experience. It is no surprise that many of our editors have built on their experience with us to go on to senior positions in the publishing industry, politics, and academia.

Following completion of this project, all those involved will be offered other positions on E-International Relations to match their interests, if desired.

► To apply, send us an email titled ‘Editorial Assistant’ to

Within the main body of the email, please tell us briefly

  1. Why you feel you are suitable for this role
  2. Where you study/have studied, to what level
  3. Briefly describe, and hyperlink, the two best online resources that have helped you in your studies. Be specific – for example an exact channel/clip on youtube or an exact section of a website etc.

The position closes on 1 May. We will respond to all those who catch our eye on, or before, before 1 June. Unfortunately, due to the number of enquiries that we receive, we cannot reply to candidates that we do not shortlist. We encourage applicants who have been unsuccessful in past applications to apply again.

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