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North Portland in Motion Launches with Goals to Improve Walking, Biking, and Transit – News

“The Portland Bureau of Transportation has launched a comprehensive planning process for the northern tip of the city,” reports Jonathan Maus.

The Northern Portland in Motion plan follows the East Portland in Motion, Central City in Motion, Northwest in Motion, and Southwest in Motion plans, with plans to “deeply” engage with North Portlanders; identify strategic, near-term investments in projects and programs to improve conditions for walking, biking, and transit; and build new relationships with community-based organizations.

The basic idea behind the “In Motion” approach for Portland has been to take a “deep dive” into one section of the city, according to Maus. “The formula has worked well. By working closely with community residents and organizations to agree on priorities, “in motion” plans give Portlanders an effective advocacy tool and also create the bureaucratic inertia and political will needed to get things built.”

In addition to describing some of the “In Motion” methodology, Maus also describes the current state of active transportation infrastructure in North Portland.

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