Nigeria: Travel Guide – Places You Just Must See If Visiting Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom says it is the safest place in the country, defined by beautiful scenery all through its territory.

The Akwa Ibom State Government has just released a travel advisory to guide potential visitors to the South-south state which prides itself as one of the most peaceful in the country.

The travel guide, published by the state’s Ministry of Information and Strategy, is to be distributed free to passengers flying the Akwa Ibom state-owned airline, Ibom Air and other visitors to the state.

Among the places of interest in the publication is an historical bridge called the ‘Bridge of No Return’, where Nigerians sold into slavery from the 16th to the 19th century were taken through and loaded into ships, and from there transported via the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.

“Nigeria’s best-kept secret is her treasure – a land of promise, Akwa Ibom State,” the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Ini Ememobong, wrote in the travelogue.

“This piece of God’s own real estate is carefully hidden at the bottom of the map of the country, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and providing a strategic gateway to the country from any part of the world.

“The land is very fertile and is rich with humongous natural resources. The people remain the best resource of the land, they are industrious, intelligent and remarkably hospitable.

“The state is the safest place in the country, defined by beautiful scenery all through the stretch of the geographic boundaries.

“This is a state that has always earned a prime spot in history; the colonialists landed here, the amalgamation decree was signed here, Christianity found an entry route through here, the first community-organized scholarship scheme was birthed here and so much more.