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New Subway Cars Sidelined ‘Til May – StreetsblogMASS

New Orange and Red Line trains “will remain out of service for at least another 3 weeks,” according to the MBTA’s Deputy General Manager Jeff Gonneville.

The revelation came during Monday’s meeting of the Fiscal and Management Control Board.

Gonneville told board members that the T is continuing to investigate a March 16 incident in which one the T’s new Orange Line trains derailed near Wellington station, in an area where the T had just begun a project to replace older tracks.

After the incident, the T pulled all of its new subway trains out of service, and also suspended all subway service in the track work area, replacing the Orange Line with bus shuttles north of Sullivan station.

Agency officials are still uncertain whether the derailment should be blamed on the older tracks in the area, or on the new vehicles.

“We’re taking a very conservative approach with the vehicle, and doing some tests at a very individual component level,” said Gonneville. “One of those tests is scheduled to be three weeks out from now, which essentially means that the cars will remain out of service for at least another three weeks until we can get these tests done.”

In better news, the T reopened the Orange Line for service north of Sullivan Square this week after crews were able to complete their track work in the area of the derailment.

The unplanned closure also allowed the T to rehabilitate three miles of track between Sullivan and Oak Grove stations and accelerate other planned track work and station renovations in the area, which could obviate the need for other service disruptions in the future.


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