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New Climate Leadership in Transportation at the California Assembly – News

Despite California’s nation-leading investments in clean energy infrastructure and zero-emissions vehicle deployment, transportation remains a stubborn sector to decarbonize and the state’s leading source of GHG emissions and air pollutants.

Ahead of VX2021’s January 26 Urban Mobility Webinar, The Planning Report interviewed new California Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Laura Friedman, who shares with TPR her policy priorities for reducing emissions, eliminating traffic fatalities, and improving the connectivity of urban regional light rail in Southern California:

“[Transportation] is a stubborn sector…But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working every single day to lower our emissions, use land better, reduce congestion in our urban centers, and all the things that impact our health and quality of life.” —Assemblymember Laura Friedman

Read the full interview at The Planning Report.

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