Namibia: Nwr Downplays Namutoni Decay

NWR downplays Namutoni decay

News – National | 2021-01-21

by Arlana Shikongo

NAMIBIA Wildlife Resorts (NWR) says only a few rooms in Fort Namutoni are not in good condition, contrary to the decay seen throughout the national heritage site in pictures taken in December.

Furthermore, the state-owned resorts company maintains the areas which photos showed in a more dilapidated state were meant to remain closed to the public.

NWR was last year criticised when images of a dilapidated interior and exterior of the fort in Etosha National Park started circulating after a visitor to Namutoni shared pictures on social media.

The images revealed a trashed and decayed interior of the fort, which was covered in debris and falling apart in some sections.

In a joint statement issued by NWR and the National Heritage Council of Namibia on Wednesday, the institutions defended the state of the fort, saying only a few rooms were not in a good condition.

Furthermore, the photographed areas of the fort were purportedly closed to the public in the past, it was stated.

“It also came to light that, even though the rooms in the fort were inaccessible to the general public, forced entry was made to gain access to the rooms, especially the rooms from which photos were taken and circulated,” the statement said.

Welcoming constructive criticism, the organisations shunned actions of malice which intended to destroy or achieve a specific plan.