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Moreish Creates Food that Loves You Back

Stepping into Moreish, located in Oud Metha, is like stepping into a small al fresco styled European bistro—with teal colored walls, modern posters, and a quirky, cozy ambiance. Moreish is a family, home-grown concept spearheaded by a mother-daughter duo who have developed some amazing recipes and innovative dishes that not only taste delicious, but are healthy, fresh, and creative. Here’s how our experience went…

The menu is expansive, with lots of Tex-Mex dishes, continental, and some fun Italian/Mediterranean meals; the fact that it is all vegetarian and some vegan is a plus point AND all sauces and condiments are made fresh from scratch.

We began with two different kinds of soups—the roasted pumpkin soup which was really thick with an infusion of walnut butter and pan fried basil which gave it that next level flavor and was garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds. The other was the home-style tomato soup served with tiny croutons. This had an incredible Umami flavor that comes from the slow cooking process.

We also tucked into the watermelon and feta salad with fresh arugula and balsamic reduction. The starters included barbequed tofu fries served with a really delicious mildly spiced bbq sauce for dipping, as well as an unusual take on bruschetta, in form of grilled peach and pesto bruschetta, with a medley of textures—crunchy from the base, the smooth mellowness from the grilled peaches, and the fresh basil pesto and walnuts, each lending its’ own unique flavor.

The mains were three very different types—the mushroom quesadillas stuffed with cheese, black beans and corn, then topped with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and sour cream. We also tried the creamy mushroom farfalle pasta which was fragrant with mild hints of truffle and then the showstopper—the polenta steak, topped with vegetable ratatouille on a gorgeous green pesto sauce, and garnished with bread chips and shredded parmesan. It really was delicious and the mellowness of the polenta cakes married beautifully with the Umami tomato and pesto sauce.

The grand finale was the eggless cake which was the brown sugar and sea salt ganache cake.  It was a really rich brown sugar cake topped with a creamy, slightly tangy icing and garnished with a sea salt chocolate ganache.


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Oud Metha Rd – Dubai

Phone: 04 396 1396

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