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Mexico City the Latest to Add an Aerial Tram – News

The new Cablebus aerial tram line opened for service recently in Mexico City, the first such aerial tram system in the city.

According to Diego Delgado of the Associated Press, the Cablebus system opened for service on the city’s low-income, dense north side. A nearby suburb in the state of Mexico, Ecatepec, already has an aerial tram called Mexicable, but this is the first example of the mode to open in D.F.  

The first 1.7 kilomteres of the new route opened earlier this month, with plans to extend the system to 9.2 kilomters by June. When complete, the tram will connect Cuautepec on the northern edge of Mexico City to the nearest subway and bus station. 

Since Medellin, Colombia opened its aerial tram system in 2004 other Latin American cities including Rio de Janeiro and La Paz have added similar systems.

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