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Margarita in Paradise

Monday, February 22nd, is National Margarita Day! If you’re looking for your perfect margarita in paradise, Panama City Beach has tons of great places to grab a margarita. There’s one thing for sure, if you’re going to celebrate National Margarita Day, you definitely want to do it at the Real. Fun. Beach.

Diego’s Burrito Factory

Diego’s is a favorite among locals. They serve authentic Mexican eats and margaritas that make you feel like you’ve landed on a beach in Mexico. They have the original margarita, or other delicious options like their skinny margarita or jalapeño pineapple margarita.

Los Rancheros

Los Rancheros is a great spot for Mexican food that tastes like it came straight from someone’s kitchen. They have margaritas of all sizes from a small cup to a full on fishbowl. These are sure to leave you having a great time at the Real. Fun. Beach.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville 

Where else would you go on National Margarita Day than a restaurant that’s literally named after the drink? Margaritaville has delicious Caribbean options on their menu that make for a great dinner after the beach. They have some amazing margarita flavors like a blueberry pomegranate margarita or the last mango in paradise.

Runaway Island

Runaway Island is located right on the beach, so you can grab lunch and a margarita there and then walk directly onto the beach for a perfect day. Their frozen margaritas are delicious and great for a hot day in the sun. If you want to go at night, we highly recommend getting there in time to see the sunset while sipping on a margarita. 

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