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Making Park Plans a Reality – News

What is a plan’s worth? How should the value of a plan be determined? Should a plan be judged by the degree to which it is implemented? What good is a plan if it offers a vision that is unfulfilled? These are the types of questions that many planners may have wrestled with during their careers.

In this Parks & Recreation magazine article, park planner Clement Lau explains how the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) plans with equity and implementation in mind, ensuring that its plans prioritize the neediest communities and do not end up just sitting on bookshelves. Examples of such planning documents include the Los Angeles Countywide Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment, Community Parks and Recreation Plans (CPRPs), and the Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park Master Plan. The article focuses on the implementation of the CPRPs which is well under way, with a multitude of projects at varying scales and stages of development. 

Lau was also interviewed by the National Recreation and Park Association’s Open Space Radio. In addition to discussing this article, Lau explains his passion for planning and how he got interested in the field. To listen, please visit this link.

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