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Major Transit Openings Expected in 2021 – News

Yonah Freemark has updates TheTransportPolitic’s annual survey of planned transit construction projects in the United States with the use of the Transit Explorer tool created and maintained by Freemark.

According to Freemark, 2021 is promises numerous new transit line openings, and even the rare heavy rail transit opening, thanks to the Phase I of the long-awaited Rail Transit project in Honolulu (the remainder of the project likely won’t be complete until 2033) and Phase II of the Silver Line to Washington Dulles International Airport outside D.C. in Virginia. Four light rail projects are also scheduled for completion: the Green Line Extension outside of Boston, the Crenshaw Line in Los Angeles, the Mid Coast Corridor in San Diego, and the Northgate Link in Seattle. Streetcar routes in Charlotte and Tempe are also scheduled to open.

The article also lists bus rapid transit projects (BRT is the mode that will see the most major openings in the nation in 2021), commuter rail, and projects on parts of the North American continent not named the United States of America.

Freemark’s constant vigilance also affords a comprehensive look back at the achievements of the past year, of which there are many despite the public health crisis of the past year at times slowing work on some projects. Albany, Denver, Grand Rapids, Houston, Omaha, the South Bay Area, the East Bay Area, and Montgomery County all opened new transit routes to service in 2020, in addition to projects opening in Canada and Mexico.

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