Liberia: First Lady Weah Seeks Approval From Bomi Citizen to Transform Blue Lake

Bomi County — President George Weah has disclosed that his wife, Madam Clar Weah, has an intention to develop the famous Blue Lake in Bomi County into a tourist site. He made the disclosure in Bomi County at the start of second phase of his county tour.

President Weah said that Mrs. Weah’s intention needs the approval of citizens of Bomi County.

“While we await response from the people of Bomi County, we have already done a very good sketch to include lagoon, restaurant. The First lady is ready to develop blue lake but only if the people of Bomi will agree,” President George Weah.

Blue lake is a key attraction, in Bomi County. Blue Lake is about 300 feet deep. It is suspended midway between the peaks of the surrounding mountains which, with the sun’s reflection, give the lake its blue hue. The waters spring from a huge pit dug by the Liberia Mining Company, an American-owned company that ceased operations in the country because of the presumed depletion of iron ore in the area.

As of the 2008 census, Tubmanburg has an estimated population of 13,144. Of this, 6,555 were male and 6,559 female.

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