Lesotho Must Prioritise Knowledge-Based Economy – Majoro

Lesotho must prioritise research and development if it is to improve its socio-economic affairs, Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro has said.

Dr Majoro said this during the launch of the Lesotho Academy of Science and Technology (LAST) in Maseru this week. He said research has a critical role for evidence-based policy making and cannot be overemphasized as evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

LAST is an independent platform for contact and knowledge transfer among the private sector, public sector, civil society, academics, and government in the fields of science, technology, and innovation. It is supported by the United Nations Technology Bank (UNTB).

The major objectives of the academy include providing linkages between academia and the industry and facilitating technological innovation and excellence in Lesotho.

Dr Majoro said LAST can act as a think tank to support government, civil society, private sector and the public on matters of national interest.

“Lesotho must prioritise and invest heavily on research and development to improve the socio-economic aspect,” Dr Majoro said.

“It is therefore, our hope is that LAST will play a pivotal role in science advocacy that will enable Lesotho to invest in the right places. With its membership largely being experts in science, it is our hope that LAST will assist the country to connect with other resources that will further capacitate the science, technology and innovation sector in Lesotho and put it into practice.”

Dr Majoro also pledged government’s financial support for the academy to ensure its success.