Kenyans Urged to Promote Local Tourism to Boost Industry’s Fortunes

Nairobi — Kenyans have been urged to contribute to the recovery of the tourism sector which has been adversely affected by the harsh economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tembea Tujenge Kenya, an initiative that seeks to have more Kenyans visit the country’s travel destinations, made the appeal on Friday even as its proponents exuded confidence that the industry’s fortunes were getting better.

The initiative which is supported by corporates such as Shell, Sarova Hotels, and Isuzu East Africa among others, aims to market Kenya to Kenyans and enable locals to explore Kenya affordably in order to promote domestic tourism and attain industry sustainability.

Ambassador Maina Kageni appealed to Kenyans to promote local tourism by visiting different destinations in the country ostensibly to create employment for the youths in the country.

“As Kenyans we can actually fill our hotels and national parks and our youths do not need to lose jobs. What quarter one showed us is that a lot of hotels were totally booked out up until March, 2021 in some cases. So it is working and we just need to come together and re-build our local tourism industry,” he said.

The team is this weekend in Naivasha to popularise and showcasing the regions travel destinations.

Kageni stressed that the individual contribution of every Kenyan will be a game changer in revitalizing the industry’s fortunes.

“If we all play our part even the hotels that closed during the start of the pandemic will open their doors,” he said.