Kenya: You Will Need Digital Health Pass to Leave, Enter Kenya

All inbound and outbound travellers to Kenya are now required to present digitally verified proof of a negative Covid-19 test, the Health ministry has announced.

In line with the Africa CDC Trusted Traveller (TT) initiative, an online system designed to authenticate and verify travellers’ Covid-19 certificates, no Kenyan laboratory will issue Covid-19 certificates without Trusted Travel codes.

In a statement by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, the digital verification codes will ensure integrity of presented certificates, which until yesterday were presented on printed paper and were susceptible to forgery. “Starting Monday, no traveller will depart from Kenya without verification of their certificates using the TT process,” noted Mr Kagwe’s statement, adding that no laboratory is permitted to issue Covid-19 certificated without the codes.

This means that if you intend to depart the country, you must first visit an authorised laboratory, obtain a PCR Covid-19 test with a negative result, and be issued a TT code that can be verified by airlines and immigration authorities. According to the government, all PCR Covid-19 testing laboratories are now part of the TT system.

Covid-19 test

The traveller will receive a text message from PanaBios, a biosurveillance and bioscreening technology system, as well as an email from the testing laboratory and/or from [email protected] with a link to guide them on how to generate a Travel Code at If the test results meet Kenya’s exit requirements, a travel Code is issued to the traveller online.