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Israeli settlers threaten to kill Palestinian bus drivers in occupied West Bank – Middle East Monitor

Israeli settlers have called for the murder of Palestinian bus drivers in the occupied West Bank, the Times of Israel has reported. Racist graffiti reading “Kill Arab drivers” was sprayed in Modi’in Illit, the largest illegal settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Other graffiti warned that “The damage won’t stop” until Israeli-run Kavim Bus Company stops employing Arabs. The word “revenge” was also sprayed on the back of a bus. The Israeli army claims to have launched an investigation into the graffiti.

“The writing on the wall is clearer than ever,” said Kavim. “The day isn’t far away when drivers will be harmed, and it doesn’t matter what sector they’re from.”

The company pointed out that the responsibility for the safety of the drivers and passengers lies with all “relevant” parties. “It is time to see a change in the whole issue of information, enforcement and punishment so that the drivers do not stand at the forefront without proper protection.”

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Settler attacks on Palestinians have become commonplace in the West Bank, with settlers often throwing stones, vandalising property and destroying olive trees belonging to the indigenous population.

Israeli settlements are home to around 600,000 Jewish settlers across the West Bank. The settlements (and the settlers) are illegal under international law and have been described as “major obstacles to peace”, given that they are built on stolen Palestinian land.

Despite this, the Israeli authorities have advanced plans for thousands of new settlement homes in recent weeks and months.

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