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Israel forces detain Palestinian elder seen in anti-occupation protest – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation forces detained on Friday at dawn Palestinian elder Said Arma from his home in the Deir Jarir neighbourhood of Ramallah, Anadolu Agency reported.

Arma, 51, was seen sling-shooting Israeli occupation forces while they were violently cracking down on a popular protest for the residents of his village against the Israeli theft of their lands, in order to build a settlement post.

Videos and pictures taken by Anadolu Agency‘s photographer went viral on social media last week, showing Arma wearing the traditional Palestinian clothes while using his slingshot to throw stones at the heavily-armed Israeli occupation forces while they attacked protesters.

Arma, who is a school bus driver, told Anadolu Agency that he insists on rejecting the Israeli occupation and its theft of the lands of his village, even if that means putting himself in danger.

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“Clothes and age did not obstruct my participation in the protests,” he conveyed, noting that he was defending his land and his “honour”.

“The united stance of the neighbourhood will regain the land and the attempt to build a new settlement will fail,” he expressed, citing a previous experience when the villagers undermined similar Israeli attempt.

The village has a population of about 6,000 and is 12 kilometres away from Ramallah.

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