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Iran’s Khamenei calls on people to actively participate in elections – Middle East Monitor

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei yesterday called on Iranians to participate in the presidential elections scheduled tomorrow, saying the social system in Iran needs voters.

“The elections are a fateful event in the country’s history,” Khamenei said in a live speech, accusing what he called “anti-Iranian media outlets” of seeking to confuse voters and convince them to boycott the elections.

He added that the level of interference and hostility against the elections “has not been witnessed in any other elections in the world”.

“There are regional media outlets affiliated with countries in the region in which no elections are held and their people do not know what the ballot box is, but they criticise democracy in Iran,” Khamenei said, adding: “The enemy aims to create a rift between the Iranian people and the regime of the Islamic Republic, but the people will make their plan fail.”

Khamenei stressed that if a president is elected with a high voter turnout, he will be strong enough to make great achievements, stressing: “The next government should address the growing concerns about the situation in the country.”

The Islamic Republic is holding its thirteenth presidential election tomorrow.

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