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Included in the Stimulus: A New National Park – News

“The New River Gorge National River will be upgraded to national-park-and-preserve status,” as part of the stimulus package approved by Congress in December 2020, reports Graham Averill.

The New River Gorge National River is one of three units in West Virginia managed by the National Park Service, alongside the Gauley National Recreation Area and the Bluestone National Scenic River. Commonly referred to as the New, the 73,000-acre stretch of rugged canyon in the southeast part of the state has been a world-class rock-climbing and paddling destination since its designation as a national river in 1978, but advocates for the upgrade in status hope full park status will bring it more cachet. 

Samir Ferdowsi provides additional coverage of the newest National Park.

Previously designated as a National River, the park encompasses 73,000 acres of stoke-heavy canyon landscape. More than 65,000 acres of the area is designated as a nature preserve allowing for fishing, hunting, and backcountry hiking.  

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