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HUD’s New ‘Find Shelter’ Website Offers Support for Struggling Americans – News

One of the final acts of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Trump administration was the launch of a new Find Shelter tool, a resource for locating support for those in need.  

“Specifically, users can search for facilities that provide shelter, clothing, health clinics, and food pantries to those in need. Find Shelter provides mapping and contact information for these service providers and the site is optimized for mobile use,” according to a press release announcing the new resource.

Find Shelter offers additional resources for accessing rent payment assistance, housing vouchers, reporting discrimination, and more.

“The Find Shelter website is another tool with which we can relieve homelessness and provide people with the resources they need,” says then HUD Secretary Ben Carson in the press release. “Particularly as we continue to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to make sure individuals and families know where to go to get help.”

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