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How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Hong Kong

How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China has never been boring! Whether you are coming here from abroad or from other regions of China, you will realize that there are very many fun activities that you can engage in – maybe with your family or friends, colleagues, etc. You can explore the city’s historical museums, monuments, hiking trails, skyscrapers, zoos, parks, gardens, modern/ancient buildings, taste their delicacies, go to nightclubs and restaurants, learn their way of life, etc.If you have scheduled to spend this weekend in Hong Kong, China, congratulations on making such a rewarding decision! But wait! Do you know what you will do or where you will go when you visit Hong Kong for your weekend vacations? Well, Hong Kong is one of the best places we’ve explored so far in the world. Please allow us to guide you on the best ways to spend your weekend in Hong Kong, China.

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Hong Kong

Assuming you want to spend the whole of your weekend in Hong Kong, you have about 1 to 2 days to see the better part of the city. To get the most out of your travel, consider exploring the following tourist attractions in Hong Kong City.

1. Take Breakfast at Wan Chai

If you landed in Hong Kong at night – just like is the case with most international flights to Hong Kong – you should wake up for a delicious breakfast at Wan Chai. The hotel is famous for its delicious meals and snacks. Besides, it is strategically located, thus allowing you to explore the surroundings while still enjoying your breakfast. You will be able to view the Victoria harbor and Kowloon Skyscrapers etc. Note that there are other joints where you can head for your breakfast; however, we chose Wan Chai as it’s one of the most recommended dine-venue for tourists. It’s growing at a faster rate – something that can tell more regarding their reliability and quality of services.

2.  Museums of History

Are you a historian who always has the quest to find out what happened when? Well, if that’s your case, then go to the Hong Kong Museum of History. Once here, you will learn more regarding the past and understand how it affects the current and the future. 

There are very many exhibits that relate to archeology, anthropology, social history, and religious history. The museum is big so you will need to dedicate a few hours here – say 2 to 4 hours if you must explore everything. But if you are interested in its specific aspects, you can spend much less time. Note that you will incur some admission costs (10KKD) when making your entry into the Museum of History. Nobody will charge you anything if you visit the museum on Wednesday of every week! The Museum of History in Hong Kong, China, is open every day starting from 10:00 am to 6:00 Pm (and 7:00 PM if it’s on the weekend. 

3. Explore Kowloon Park

From The Museum of History, find your way to Kowloon and go straight to Kowloon Park. The park is fascinating as it features a fitness center, an aviary, a swimming pool, a Chinese Garden, and little ponds (where you go and watch ducks or other swimming birds). The park is vast, quiet, and peaceful, so you can come here anytime you feel disturbed and want to escape the city’s noise. If you come to Hong Kong with your family, friends, or colleagues, rest assured that you will have unmetered fun at Kowloon Park. There are hiking paths, playing grounds (this will be good for your kids), etc. The park operates daily, beginning at 5:00 am to 12:00 am. There is no admission fee, and any person of sound mind is allowed to come here.


4. Go to the Street Market at Mong Kok

If you have enough time and some energy left, you can go to Mong Kok Street Market and do some shopping as the locals do. The market deals with almost everything you need. You can shop for critical things that you will need for the few days you will be in Hong Kong, China. It’s supposedly the best market in Hong Kong, where you will encounter busy sellers and busy buyers trying to convince each other on the pricing of goods. If you are okay and don’t want to shop for anything here, there are also streetside cafes, restaurants, pubs, food vendors, etc. Try tasting out some delicacies such as fish balls, dim sum, roasted meats, etc. Getting to Mong Kok Market from Kowloon is not hectic – take an MTR subways system, and you will be in the market in a matter of minutes.

5. Go to Lan Kwai Fong and Experience Hong Kong Nightlife 

By the time you are done touring all the above places, it will be late, and you will be feeling somehow worn out. You can book accommodation (or you had already booked) and go to rest your body for the next day’s activities. However, if you have some

energy and are of legal age, why don’t you go out at night and experience Hong Kong’s nightlife? Lan Kwai Fong is one of the most famous joints where adults converge at night to enjoy their favorite drinks as they watch or listen to live music. It is the best place to rewind after a busy day of exploration. Lan Kwai Fong is large and features accommodation and meals as well – so if you had not yet booked your room, you are in the right place. Be sure to get whatever service you need in Lan Kwai. Even if you don’t drink adult beverages, you can still come to Lan Kwai Fong to dance and watch – some live DJs will give you the right dosage of your favorite hits. 


Hong Kong is among the most toured places globally, and there are countless reasons to account for this. If you are planning your trip to the city but wondering how you will spend your time once you finally land, the above guide should help you. Fly into Hong Kong and witness all these on your own – don’t keep reading stories!

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