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How To Get A Visa For Thailand

Tourist Visa for Thailand

If you’re a passport holder from a country not listed under the Visa Exemption Rule, or you come to Thailand for another purpose than travelling (like business or study) or you want to stay longer than 30 days in total, then you need to apply for a Thailand visa.

Getting a tourist visa ahead of entering Thailand will let you stay in the country for up to 60 days, which can also be extended for another 30 days by doing a visa run. This can bring your maximum stay to 90 days, a great option if you’re planning a longer stay.

When you apply, you can choose Single Entry (valid for 3 months) or Multiple Entry (valid for 6 months), make sure you choose what fits your personal circumstances. There is a fee for this visa starting around USD45.

If you are on a Single Entry tourist visa and leave the country before the 60 days, your remaining days will be lost, just something to keep in mind!

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