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How To Choose The Best Travel Towel (2021 Guide)

Over the years, when I travelled, I have overpacked, I have taken too much stuff that I never used, never wore…

Today, I pay a lot of attention to my packing list. One of the most important things that I never forget to add in my luggage is a lightweight, quick-dry and compact travel towel.

Yes, I know, you might think I am a weirdo when almost any hotel in this world offers its own towels.

However, I always take my own travel towel with me as I consider them more hygienic. 

Packing a travel towel can bring you several advantages. Personally, I choose a microfibre travel towel because it dries quickly, it is super lightweight to carry around, and I can pack it easily. I even use it as a quick dry beach towel or roll it up for a pillow on the plane.

There are a lot of different brands offering various quick dry towels which you can fold and clean without problems.

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